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Presenting EdgeHog's OMNIDIRECTIONAL anti-reflection technology

Your solar panel can generate 6-12% more energy each year using our anti-reflection glass.


Instead of only considering the mid-day peak power performance, the industry is beginning to recognize the importance of calculating energy production throughout the day and throughout the year. The conventional anti-reflection coating losses the light in the morning and afternoon due to increased reflection. Edgehog anti-reflective solar glass has high transmission all day long and all year long. Especially when the panel is mounted on the wall or the roof, Edgehog glass energy gain is unmatched.   

Download our white paper for details about how anti-reflective glass's angular performance affects the annual energy gain. The report includes simulations of annual energy output for various project locations and different solar panel installation angels.

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The Best


For Solar Glass


      You will learn:

  • How much energy is lost when there is no anti-reflection on the glass and when there is the conventional anti-reflection coating

  • How much anti-reflection technology with better angular performance improves the annual energy gain for different applications

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