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LESS flare.

WIDER field of view. 

CLEAR images.

Presenting Edgehog's Omnidirectional Anti-Reflection Technology

Flare in digital imaging present a significant problem, affecting image quality, introducing errors, and potentially compromising safety in applications such as autonomous driving and machine vision. 


In our whitepaper, we provide a detailed analysis of flare: its causes, its impact on image quality and accuracy, and the traditional methods used to combat it. We pay special attention to the limitations of these methods in the context of autonomous vehicles and machine vision systems, where precision is critical.    

This leads us to Edgehog's solution: the Omnidirectional Anti-reflection (OAR) technology. Our OAR technology is specifically designed to address the issue of stray light, improving image quality, and enhancing the accuracy of vision-based systems. 

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At Edgehog, we are committed to enhancing the safety and reliability of autonomous driving and machine vision. Our OAR technology goes beyond improving photographic quality; it brings a new level of precision to these systems. 


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