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Empowering Women in Tech

At today's #womeninstem panel, Edgehog Co-Founder Nasim Sahraei shared her perspective on diversity in the workplace:

"We get exposed to social norms and patterns from an early age, and we repeat and reinforce them growing up. Because of that, it isn't easy to notice our own biased behavior towards gender equality and minority issues, regardless of our background and identity. In my experience, acknowledging that the problem exists is always the first step towards solving it. After that, creating a welcoming environment for conversations around the issue generates the culture that cultivates a more diverse and a more equal environment."

Read more about the event here: Do Not Let Gender Bias!

Why is it important to talk about #Women in #Tech? Equality of rights and opportunities for everyone is something that we should all stand for at all levels to support visibility!

Women have always participated actively in the evolution of #science and new #technologies. They changed the world then and the Women of today continue to do so now. They create new products that disrupt society and our daily lives. We are hosting a #panel discussion to highlight the brilliant Women in Tech who work to change our world. We will discuss their #stories, their personal journey and the #challenges they have faced.


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