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Meet Elise, Edgehog marketing Intern

Today, we talked to Elise, our Marketing Assistant at Edgehog. Following are the excerpts from the conversation:

What’s your role in Edgehog?

My day-to-day task includes website design, graphics design, visual template design and work on pitch deck for Edgehog.

My personal challenge is to add extraordinary creativity to Edgehog’s vision. The idea is to raise creativity and the technical abilities of the company to new heights. From a marketing standpoint, I try to understand the visual aspect of the Edgehog and implement them with my creativity and standout in my job.

Tell us more about your background.

I am an art lover. I love to visit museum, discovering new places and reading literature. Hanging out with friends is my favourite past-time. Also, I love taking pictures.

Being from Montpellier, a beautiful city in Southern France, my natural interest is in culture, fashion, arts and photography. I want to amalgamate my interest with business and organise art galleries and tech exhibitions. After graduating from high school, I indulged in two years of intensive studies instead of the conventional bachelor’s program to get admission into Europe’s 10 best business schools. I cleared the competition and am now a master’s student at the famous Emlyon business School, Ecully, France. As part of the programme, I am at Edgehog to do my internship.

Why did you choose Edgehog for your internship?

My fascination to Edgehog is its antireflection technology. I was impressed by the ultra-transparency of the glass and I thought to myself, I will be definitely be a consumer of Edgehog’s glass. Being a photography enthusiast, Edgehog was interesting place to me as I could use my artistic creativity to help drive a product which was a great innovation. I also wanted to experience the work environment in a start-up company and Edgehog was the ideal choice.

How would you sum up your experience at Edgehog?

Edgehog provided me a unique opportunity to experience a start-up work place. I love this place as the people here are super friendly and its more social set-up than a tech set-up. The team spirit at Edgehog is so inspiring. What I really enjoy about my job is that I am independent in the tasks I perform, and my contribution is greatly appreciated. More than a job, this is a learning experience for me. Coming from a different culture and country, I came out of my comfort zone and tried new stuff, which to me is very amazing experience. I would like to thank Edgehog and TandemLaunch for this incredible and enriching adventure.

Elise Azria, Edgehog Marketing Intern


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